Clark Collis
February 09, 2012 AT 04:40 PM EST

Last week Stephen Colbert warned us about the dangers of using dolphins to locate underwater mines in the Straits of Hormuz. “Need I remind you, we dumped Osama bin Laden in the ocean,” said the semi-fictional pontificater. “It’s only a matter of time until he recruits young, impressionable male dolphins by promising them an eternity in paradise with 72 herrings.”

If you think that’s a ludicrous idea then, well, you’d be right. But I’m not sure it’s any more preposterous than the plot for a forthcoming, independent film called Osombie, in which a yoga instructor from Colorado faces off against a zombie-fied Osama. You can check out the new, mayhem-filled trailer for Osombie below and, if suitably impressed, help the Osombie team finish their movie by contributing monies at their Kickstarter page.

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