Sandra Gonzalez
February 10, 2012 AT 11:20 PM EST

Let’s face it, with so much television available on both cable and broadcast networks, it’s hard to catch everything. But that leaves shows like Syfy’s Lost Girl in a rough spot in the television-sphere.

Between genre offerings on network TV and the fact that almost two seasons of the show have already aired on Canadian TV, it’s easy for this charming genre show to get lost in the American TV waters. Shame. Because if you enjoy supernatural stories (tinged with a healthy amount of sexy), odds stand that you might enjoy Lost Girl.

The show, which centers around a succubus named Bo (Anna Silk), made its way to Syfy in late January to mixed reviews. But those who have stuck around have become vocal fans of Bo (not to mention her best friend Kensi, played by Ksenia Solo). Luckily, regardless of what box you’re checking in this situation, here’s a little something for you:

+ Never seen it? Here’s a primer:

+ Seen it and love it? Here’s an exclusive clip from the next new episode:

+ Just watched the primer and the clip, now you’re on board?

You’re welcome.

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