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'New Girl' guest star Ryan Kwanten on his ideal Valentine's Day: 'I'm a simple man with simple pleasures' -- VIDEO

With their own Valentine’s Day themed episode airing on – wouldn’t you know it? – Feb. 14, the cast of New Girl recently appeared in a video to talk about everybody’s favorite least favorite holiday. (Followed closely, of course, by Earth Day.)

Zooey Deschanel fawned over Japanese candy-giving traditions (that’s so Jess), Max Greenfield admitted he is simply looking for “consistency” in his Valentine, and Hannah Simone reminisced about those  mandatory Valentine’s Day cards everyone was required to hand out in elementary school. (Hear that Schmidt? Cece wants you to choo-choo-choose her.)

But it was upcoming New Girl guest star Ryan Kwanten’s Valentine’s confession that will likely make us all reconsider our feelings on the holiday. The True Blood actor confessed, “I’ve been single for so long I’m just so used to, kind of,  letting Valentine’s Day go by.” (All together now: D’awwwww.) Kwanten, who describes himself as “a simple man with simple pleasures” said he’s content with nothing more than chocolates or notes on a pillow. In other news, sales of chocolates, pillows, and materials for writing notes skyrocket.

Watch the entire clip of the New Girl cast chatting Valentine’s Day here:

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