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Sandra Gonzalez
February 14, 2012 AT 11:47 PM EST

Before this weekend, there would have been a lot to make Gleeks excited about this week’s episode of Glee. It marks the arrival of Rachel’s two dads (Jeff Goldblum, Brian Stokes Mitchell), Sam Larsen from the Glee Project makes his debut, and Sugar’s having a party. But the death of Whitney Houston this past weekend has put another aspect of tonight’s episode in the spotlight: Mercedes’ (Amber Riley) cover of “I Will Always Love You.”

You can listen to her rendition now, but I’m excited to see the actual performance of the song tonight. It’s Riley we’re talking about here, so I know I won’t be disappointed. (She brings it every. single. time.) But I’d be lying if I said that so much of this episode that seemed exciting before, is now just a backdrop to what I think is going to be the highlight of the episode. Isn’t it weird how our priorities shift in just a few days?

Am I the only morbid person more eager to check out the eerily-timed ode to the late Houston than the rest of the episode? Or are you still excited about all the things this episode has to offer?

Share your thoughts below, and after the episode talk about it here while you wait for the full recap!

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