Lynette Rice
February 14, 2012 AT 03:48 PM EST

Anyone who loved the short-lived CBS show Rock Star should have felt major déjà vu on Monday. That’s because Jordis Unga, one of the participants from the INXS season, showed up on stage.

It’s hard to blame Voice executive producer Mark Burnett for recycling singers from his old show. Rock Star unearthed some extraordinary talent, and it was a shame it never went the distance. (If only Van Halen would have agreed to find its new frontman on CBS.)

On Monday, Unga, 29, performed “Maybe I’m Amazed” and had everyone but Adam Levine (WTH?) turning around to greet her. Maybe she should have gone with “Man Who Sold the World” from Rock Star instead (which is also a favorite of Rock Star’s No. 1 fan, Dalton Ross). Check it out here:

Now an EW request to Burnett: Can you bring back Marty Casey, too?

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