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'Batman: The Dark Knight #6': Meet the new Bane, same as the old Bane -- EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW

Dark Knight 06 Cover

(DC Comics)

The supervillain known as Bane occupies a curious place in the Batman mythology. On one hand, his first appearance coincided with one of the most memorable story arcs of DC’s early-’90s campaign to kill or maim their most iconic characters. On the other hand… well, Bane is a big strong man wearing a Mexican wrestling mask. But the redemption of Bane officially kickstarted when Christopher Nolan announced him as the big bad in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises. Now Batman: The Dark Knight #6 comes with the promise “The Rise of Bane!” In four pages debuting exclusively on EW.com, Superman also swings by to say hello. It’s like old home week in Gotham!

You can read the full issue when it hits stores Feb 22. For now, check out EW’s full sneak peek here.

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