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Sandra Gonzalez
February 20, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EST

I had a feeling that the Ted-Robin drama we saw spark up again last week wouldn’t play out how we expected. In fact, I knew that to be true.

That said, I bet very few of us saw the resolution coming. I certainly didn’t. [Mini-recap for those who want to talk about this week’s episode after the jump. But if you haven’t watched the episode, beware of spoilers.]

So, Ted and Robin didn’t get back together — and, in fact, they’re less likely than ever to “go there” again.

After Ted confessed to Robin that he still loved her, he went to his room and tortured himself over his statement in his Ted-like way. But Robin broke his thoughts with a kiss. [Insert more of last week’s WHAT?! here.] Thankfully, there wasn’t much more of that. Robin took off to Russia to do work with World Wide News, leaving Ted alone with his thoughts. (Never good, never good.)

After some soul-searching (some of which led him to believe Robin was still in love with Barney AND to Barney confessing everything that has happened with Robin in the last few months), he came to the conclusion that Robin didn’t love him. He even asked for confirmation, which she provided.

Ted now considers that door closed for the first time in…forever. Marshall doesn’t believe the issues is closed. (Your full recap will explain that…) But for the show’s sake, I hope it is. I love the pair, but my overly-invested-in-TV heart can’t toe that line again. These two need their peace and a chance to truly move on.

I’d love your thoughts on the episode, readers! Did you anticipate that working out the way it did? Do you think we’re DONE for REAL this time? Do you feel like you overreacted to last week’s twist? (I do. But I’m glad we got this closure — God, I hope it’s closure.) And did you enjoy the subplots (the sex tape and the box of bets) as much as I did?

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