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Saluting '11 movies ignored by Oscar: too small, too weird...or perhaps too awesome

‘50/50’: Ill-served by Oscar snub
Aly Semigran: Will Reiser’s story of his fight vs. cancer will live in hearts long after awards season’s over. Click to read why; scroll down for five more too deserving to ignore.

‘Contagion’: A hopeless case
Darren Franich on a cerebral disaster film too unsentimental for the Academy even to nod to its superior editing

‘Shame’: The bare trap
Aly Semigran on why Michael Fassbender’s star turn in grim film about sex addict wasn’t embraced at nomination time

‘Fast Five’: Visual effects don’t count?
Darren Franich: OK, it doesn’t have the social utility or dark mood the Academy favors – but its car chases rock

‘Super 8’: Why the Oscar snub?
Adam B. Vary on why J.J. Abrams’ love letter to his childhood deserved better at nomination time
‘Melancholia’: She’s no trophy wife
Darren Franich on Lars von Trier’s (funny!) meditation on the absurdity of existence; Academy not amused