Clark Collis
February 21, 2012 AT 09:13 PM EST

If the just released album artwork for Norah Jones‘ new CD Little Broken Hearts (see left) looks a tad familiar then you’re probably a fan of bosom-obsessed auteur Russ Meyer.

In fact, the cover of Jones’ latest collection, out May 1, pays homage to the poster for Meyer’s 1965 movie Mudhoney, the film which of course also gifted a certain grunge band its moniker.

Apparently, Jones was inspired to channel her inner (super)vixen after noticing said poster on the wall of the studio owned by the album’s producer Danger Mouse. (So, all in all, it’s a probably good thing the knob-twiddler is a fan of Meyer and not, say, The Human Centipede.)

In addition to releasing the album’s artwork, Jones has gone public with the set’s track listing, which you can find below along with the Little Broken Hearts cover and Mudhoney poster for your comparing-and-contrasting pleasure.

Finally, New York-based Norah fans Jones-ing to see the singer perform should take note that she will be appearing at tomorrow night’s Mick-and-Keith-celebrating “Stones Fest” show at Webster Hall along with Adam Green, Jesse Malin, Will Forte, Jason Sudeikis and a host of others.

Little Broken Hearts track listing

1. Good Morning

2. Say Goodbye

3. Little Broken Hearts

4. She’s 22

5. Take It Back

6. After The Fall

7. 4 Broken Hearts

8. Travelin’ On

9. Out On The Road

10. Happy Pills

11. Miriam

12. All A Dream

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