Marc Snetiker
February 22, 2012 AT 05:05 PM EST

Kevin Kane/

When people say, “Oh, Person A totally looks like Person B and Person C!” it’s usually a vague reference that’s only slightly on par with reality. But I think I speak the absolute truth when I assert that in Nicki Minaj’s new Vogue photo shoot, the “Roman Holiday” singer has borrowed liberally from the Captain Planet-meets-Jessica Rabbit-meets-Effie from Hunger Games stylebook.

Minaj went full Smurf for the Vogue feature, in which she revealed that “a huge part of me wanted to be a lawyer! I would do a really good job as a prosecutor.”

She who waxed Cookie Monster also cleared up other misconceptions, confirming that her wacky ensembles are “costumes, not outfits,” and that she sometimes imagines herself cooking dinner in a bikini and high heels.

PopWatchers, does anything involving Nicki Minaj and a Crayola color palate surprise you anymore? How about that Periwinkle hair and Jazzberry Jam outfit? And do you dig her chic Avatar-meets-JonBenét panache? Let me know if I left out any azure references.


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