EW Staff
February 24, 2012 AT 07:24 PM EST

The nostalgic fumes of 1920’s Paris in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris are so intoxicating that it is difficult not to develop a contact high. Who wouldn’t want to hob-knob with Hemingway and the Fitzgeralds while romancing a celebrating art groupie played by Marion Cotillard? Fans of the film who lack the imagination of Owen Wilson’s Gil Pender — or some time machine — can at least have a piece of the Oscar-nominated production. Gilt.com is currently selling memorabilia from the film, including vintage-style cigarette holders, DVDs signed by the director himself, and recreations of Toulouse-Lautrec’s sketches (right).

Several items have already sold out — kudo’s to the chap who purchased Adriana’s diary for $2,000 — but you can still pick up a piece of Woody Allen’s biggest box-office hit. Gil’s manuscript is just sitting there for $1,500! Don’t you want to know if his novel about a nostalgia store was any good? Plus, all net proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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