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February 24, 2012 AT 05:13 PM EST

Happy Hunger Games! Or not.

But it certainly feels like a fight to the death as we slowly approach season-finale time. I know, it’s not even March yet. But behind the scenes, a few of your favorite shows have already closed out the year (Raising Hope, for one) and others are prepping for their final installments as we speak. What’s that mean for you? Stay tuned, because this is going to get fun.

In the mean time, there’s some great stuff coming up a little sooner than finales. So check out the scoop below and thanks as always for your thoughts, questions, theories, and general flattery. Not in on the fun? Get into it. Address is same: I’m also on Twitter. See you next week!

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Any Fringe news this week? I’ve really been enjoying these post-winter break episodes, but am dying to get back into the Fringe mythology. Can we expect to be seeing the Machine again any time soon? What about the Observers or the First People? — Ricky

I received the following question not long before getting my hands on tonight’s episode of Fringe, so it only felt right to pull it up (ever so conveniently) for this week. As you’ve probably heard, the Observer certainly reappears tonight (and gravely wounded to boot). And if you read my report from yesterday, you also know that the episode peels “back some layers about what his agenda has been and uses that as an opportunity to revisit the things on the show we’ve seen before,” according to EP Jeff Pinkner. And while you’re fully aware that I can’t tell you much about the Observer’s revealing conversation with Peter, I can tell you that one of the “things” Pinkner is referring to, is actually a someone.  (And they are revealed to be a fairly important part of the larger equation).

Meanwhile, and on a relatively unrelated but still juicy note: Peter and new timeline Olivia share a scene at the end that’s pretty darn sad (I wept), the episode is a fantastic one for Nina Sharp (I’m chatting with Blair Brown today; send questions, if you’d like), and Walter’s latest foodie creation seems like something ripped out of the Breakfast Club. (And, disgusting as it is, the child in me wants one immediately.)


Grimm took a bit to catch on, but the audience for this NBC genre-procedural is clearly growing and dedicated — judging by the volume of scoop requests. So the wonderful Silas Weir Mitchell was nice enough to hop on the phone to talk about the episodes we’ll be seeing soon — one in particular, he says, that holds mind-blowing mythology that will launch us into the last batch of episodes.

“The show is starting to get into the deeper history of some of the creatures and their behaviors,” he says. “[Episode 13, titled “Three Coins in a Fuchsbau”] is a very cool episode. You get into the mythology of the major players in a way that’s revealing … It sort of opens a door to a hallway that we’ll follow [for the rest of the season].”

Meanwhile, tonight’s episode, he says, will be an important one to Nick and Monroe on a different level. As the two investigate a creature fight club called the Lowen Games, they find themselves on a “perilous adventure” that will leave the pair leaning on one another like never before — and it speaks to their increasing trust levels, says Mitchell. “I don’t see him as a threat like I once did. He’s proved himself.”

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