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February 24, 2012 AT 05:00 AM EST

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‘The Artist’ screenplay: Three sample pages
Wonder what a script looks like when there’s no dialogue? How a movie tells a story without saying a word.

‘Harry Potter’ makeup effects: Old tricks
Makeup effects designer Nick Dudman talks about the film’s most challenging scene, and why they had to do it twice

‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ effects: How Serkis became Caesar
How actor Andy Serkis and the visual effects team at Weta Digital created summer 2011?s most unexpected hero

‘Iron Lady’ makeup: How Meryl became Margaret
Mark Coulier, a co-nominee for his work on the film, explains: ”It was a really, really close collaboration”

‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’: Effects… and affection
Director Rupert Wyatt and star James Franco talk about the heart of film’s story in behind-the-scenes clip

‘The Artist’ sets: Evoking the 1920s in the 2010s
Oscar-nominated production designer Laurence Bennett annotates pics of a ”Kinograph Studios” room and La Reina Theater exterior

‘The Artist’ costumes: How do they look in color?
Oscar-nominated designer Mark Bridges explains the challenges of outfitting the actors in ’20s garb; see sketches

‘Hugo’ art direction: One master channels another
How legendary production designer Dante Ferretti re-created the fantastical dreamscapes of Georges Melies

‘The Help’ casting: How three nominees landed roles
Kerry Barden and Paul Schnee describe how they struck gold in finding their Aibileen, Minny, and Celia

‘Real Steel’ effects: Atom-ic power
Visual effects supervisor Erik Nash, nominated for his work on the movie, on how robots became kings of the ring

‘Transformers’ effects: A 3-D summit
Watch director Michael Bay and producer James Cameron discuss their ”toy” in a behind-the-scenes clip

‘Dragon Tattoo’ opening credits: ‘Let’s do it all blacker’ Tim Miller, Creative Director of the Blur design studio, takes us inside the process for that memorable title sequence

‘Moneyball’ screenplay: Words with power
It all starts with a script: See a page from Aaron Sorkin and Steve Zaillain’s nominated work

‘Midnight in Paris’ art direction: City of delight
Woody Allen’s film banks on its romantic scenery and mood; production designer Anne Seibel takes us inside her process

‘Tree of Life’ effects: ‘Organic’ meets CGI
Visual Effects Consultant Douglas Trumbull talks film’s treats for the eyes in behind-the-scenes clip

‘Real Steel’ effects: Building the robots Director Shawn Levy shares some insights on his film’s Oscar-nominated visual effects in behind-the-scenes clip

‘Jane Eyre’ costumes: Michael Fassbender in style In a year all about getting the rising star naked, Oscar-nominated Michael O’Connor impressed by getting him dressed

‘Harry Potter’ effects: Pulling off the Gringotts heist
Inside a crucial scene, part of ”Deathly Hallows — Part 2” bid for Visual Effects, Art Direction, and Makeup awards

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