Sandra Gonzalez
February 27, 2012 AT 03:06 PM EST

Last night’s lovely Academy Awards In Memoriam segment paid fitting tribute to the likes of Whitney Houston, Steve Jobs, and a pair of former Academy Awards producers — one of whom host Billy Crystal honored during his introduction to the montage — one omission caught the eye of viewers last night: former Grease star Jeff Conaway.

Conaway, who died last May due to complications from pneumonia, wasn’t the only noticeable absence. Jackass star Ryan DunnPolice Academy‘s Bubba Smith, and former B-movie star Yvette Vickers were also not featured.

Omissions happen every year without fail. Oscar executive producer Don Mischer tells EW that the Academy chooses who makes the cut, a job he does not envy. “There are many many people who truly deserve to be a part of In Memoriam but there are time limitations. Normally we would have 34 to 35, this year it was 38. It’s a very difficult decision to make,” he says.

(Lynette Rice contributed to this report.)


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