Darren Franich
February 27, 2012 AT 07:07 PM EST

In 2003, Vin Diesel appeared to be the new American action hero, and The Chronicles of Riddick was supposed to be his Terminator 2: Judgment Day — a bigger-in-every-way sequel to a beloved low-budget sci-fi thriller. But when the film bombed with critics and made a blockbuster-paltry global sum of $115 million, the series seemed to have reached an early end. But Diesel spent years keeping the Riddick fire burning. And now, thanks to a few fascinatingly unexpected variables — the film’s surprisingly strong DVD performance, the critical success of the Chronicles of Riddick game, and Diesel’s recent Fast Five-assisted rebirth as a nostalgia-tapping version of his early ’00s self — a third Riddick movie is actually being made. The actor just posted a couple new photos from the set on his always-active Facebook page. Bask in the warming glow of Diesel’s shiny biceps!

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