James Hibberd
February 27, 2012 AT 11:52 PM EST

Four more preggo teens just hit the jackpot.

MTV has ordered Teen Mom 3, another edition of the hit franchise. The series will make reality stars out of an all-new quartet of expectant young women. The network will release details on the show at a later date.

Meanwhile MTV’s other teens-having-tots hit, 16 and Pregnant, has a premiere date for season two: March 27 at 10 p.m. Here’s some description from the official release:

In one story, a pregnant teen will determine if adoption is the right choice for her, because she fears her boyfriend will continue to be unreliable. Another young woman will cope with her decision to keep her baby while her sister deals with the fact that she chose not to continue her pregnancy. Viewers will also meet a girl whose dream of going to college is suddenly halted after she becomes a teen mom, and another young woman who fights to raise her baby while dealing with a drug addicted parent and another young girl struggles with her mother’s disapproval of her relationship with her baby’s father.

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