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Breia Brissey
February 28, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EST

Life is tough. But you probably don’t actually need a helmet unless you, like Travis, fractured your skull while dogboarding (patent pending). Don’t worry, he’s totally fine. He just has to wear a dorky helmet for a while.** We didn’t get to see the accident, but Travis recounted it for us while recovering in the hospital: “I’m sure panties will drop when girls find out I was being pulled by my dog on a skateboard, saw a monarch butterfly, and said, ‘Hey you’re not native to Florida!’ CRASH.”

Meanwhile, Grayson felt neglected by Jules’ all-wedding-all-the-time attitude. He was only No. 5 on her speed dial, and he was really missing out on affection/general human contact. A trip to the dog park couldn’t even cure his loneliness. Eventually, all of Jules’ wedding attention shifted to Travis’ aforementioned injury: “It doesn’t seem like you’ve been paying a lot of attention to me lately,” he complained to Jules. But he lost that battle before it began. “Sweetie, let me turn down the volume of my son’s heart monitor so I can focus on you better.” I guess she can’t handle The Truth.

In less depressing plot developments, the gang added Dominance Ball to their repertoire of games. The rules are pretty simple. If someone’s not looking, you peg them with a ball to establish dominance. Everyone—even girls—can play. The game looked pretty fun, but I have to say I’m missing Penny Can(!). It’s been far too lacking this season.

**At the Cougar Town Paley Center event in NYC a couple of weeks ago, the show’s co-creators Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel explained the Travis helmet joke: They just didn’t like Dan Byrd’s hair! They requested that he cut his long locks, but he didn’t want to. And now, he’s paying the price by wearing a helmet for the next few episodes.

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