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Kid Rock performs 'Born Free' for Mitt Romney campaign stop: Watch it here

Mitt Romney Kid Rock

(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Since no candidate so far has used “So Hott” as their campaign theme song, it looks like Kid Rock has cast his vote.

After Mitt Romney paid a personal visit to Kid Rock’s home, the two native Michiganders appeared on stage together at a campaign rally in Royal Oak, Mich.

“I’m happy to introduce a son of Detroit,” the Republican contender said to his audience. “A friend, a guy who makes great music, who introduces me by DVD everywhere I go: Kid Rock!”

The long-haired musician and his band then ran through “Born Free,” the song that Romney has adopted as his campaign theme song. Check it out in the video below:

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Originally posted February 28 2012 — 11:27 AM EST


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