Kristen Baldwin
March 01, 2012 AT 09:19 PM EST

Say it with me, rose-lovers: It’s going to be the most dramatic Women Tell All episode… ever! And has your first look at the reunion special, in which Ben’s rejected “ladies” gather to share memories, reveal teary-eyed regrets about their failure to find “love” with Ben, and most importantly, to tear into Courtney like a pack of starving hyenas decimating a felled zebra corpse. And the best part? Courtney’s listening in the whole time! Watch the delicious awkwardness after the jump.

I can’t decide what I love most about this clip. The burst of “you go girl!” applause following Nikki’s declaration that she doesn’t buy Courtney’s apology “for a second”? The audience member, her hands over her mouth in shock, listening with barely contained gleeful hysteria as the women tear Courtney a new one? Or is it the look of sheer, unadulterated hatred that cloaks Emily’s face when Chris Harrison reveals that Courtney is, in fact, in the studio? All I know is, I will be tuning in Monday at 8 p.m. What about you?

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