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Dispatches from 'The Hobbit': How much meat does a Hobbit eat? -- VIDEO

That’s just one of the insider tidbits revealed in the latest production video released by Peter Jackson from the set of The Hobbit: There and Back Again. The 12-minute spot, filmed last fall across New Zealand, is a geek’s fantasy come true of mystical creatures aplenty and stunning landscape porn. There’s also inside scoop from Bilbo Baggins himself (Martin Freeman), Andy “Gollum” Serkis (who pulled double duty as the film’s second unit assistant director), and a deliciously pink-shirted Sir Ian McKellen, to name a few. If that’s not tantalizing enough, you can even see a dwarf take his first-ever helicopter ride! Click through for the full video.

So how much meat does a pack of hobbits eat? According to the set caterer, more than 100 kilograms (about 220.5 pounds) per day. Hungry, hungry hobbits!

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