Darren Franich
March 04, 2012 AT 06:40 AM EST

Lindsay Lohan’s NBC-enabled mini-comeback climaxed tonight with her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. Lohan herself was mostly pushed to the background for the show, usually appearing in unchallenging supporting roles in sketches. The show winked at Lohan’s history of legal troubles in the monologue — Lohan got a pat-down from Kristen Wiig — and in a new “Scared Straight” sketch, in which Lohan played herself. (In that sketch, Lohan’s dependency on cue cards became excruciatingly clear during a long soliloquy.) A visiting Jon Hamm was officially named the night’s back-up host, and the Mad Men star arguably got a bigger laugh for his brief appearance as Snooki’s baby daddy than Lohan got all night.

It certainly wasn’t the blazing comeback performance us Lohan apologists have been hoping for. But how bad was it? Did you give Lohan grade inflation just for showing up? Did you like how Jimmy Fallon accepted Lohan’s out-of-nowhere and completely unplanned invitation? How does her episode stack up to this season’s other hosts? Take the poll below, and check back here Sunday morning for my complete recap.

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