Ken Tucker
March 05, 2012 AT 05:20 PM EST

Nothing against Game of Thrones, but the new HBO programming I’m most looking forward to is the cable network’s upcoming half-hour show Girls.

This series from creator-star Lena Dunham, premiering in April, offers the most distinctive tone of any new show thus far this year. Dunham, who was also responsible for the film Tiny Furniture, has created a character, Hannah, who’s vividly funny but also poignantly vulnerable and bristlingly smart. I’ve been reading that she’s a new voice for her generation, but I’m hear to tell ya: I ain’t in Dunham’s generation, and I think this show is superb.

“You could not pay me enough to be 24 again,” says Hannah’s OB/GYN. “Well, they’re not paying me at all,” she shoots back, feet in stirrups, gazing at the ceiling.

Unemployed twenty-somethings and older: Start saving up for that HBO subscription; Girls starts Apr. 15.

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