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'Vampire Diaries': EP Julie Plec on the trending topics she'd like to see before March 15


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We are 10 days away from a new episode of The Vampire Diaries, and as fans of The CW’s top-rated show proved over the weekend – when they got executive producer Julie Plec’s name trending on Twitter – they can mobilize, even on hiatus. “That’s the first time the fans have done that,” Plec said of the honor in an email to EW. “Quite a hilarious thrill, I must say.”

We asked Plec to name a few other phrases she’d love to see trend before the show’s March 15 return. Her top picks:

 – “Team Salvatore”: Is that her promoting unity between the passionate Delena and Stelena fans? “Yes,” she says, “and 316 is a very important episode for the brothers and their relationship outside of their shared feelings for Elena.”

– “RIP Alaric”: Relax. “That’s a joke based on the latest fake RIP trends,” she notes. Not a spoiler. (You may recall that Alaric was last seen standing in Dr. Fell’s kitchen, in front of a gun that she then fired…)

-- "TVD 1912": Episode 316 is titled "1912" and flashes back to that year, when Damon apparently learned how to have a "good time" with women as a vampire.

– “Matt Donovan is our Pudding Pop”: The show’s resident human could have a worse nickname.

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