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Adele baby pictures revealed: See her rolling in the diapers


(James Davies)

Before she set fire to the rain, she set macaroni pictures to the refrigerator, as Adele, like all of us, was once a wee, young tyke, as these photos from the pint-sized performer’s personal album confirm.

The Daily Mail got its hands on a selection of photographs featuring the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter who successfully took ownership of literally all of the year 2011. The shots show a very ’90s Adele Adkins in various stages of growing up in England: at nine months, on the knee of father Mark Evans (with whom she currently has a very publicly strained relationship); at age four, strumming a Fisher Price guitar; and as a nine year old, sporting gigantic Nikes and a sassy tennis pose.

Check out the rest of the photos over at the Daily Mail. Stars, they’re just like us.

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Originally posted March 7 2012 — 6:14 PM EST

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