Kyle Anderson
March 07, 2012 AT 06:12 PM EST

Music videos are a tough game — it’s impossible to get anyone but the core fan base to watch them, and just about all the ideas have already been done.

(In that sense, making a video is a lot like running for president, though slightly less expensive and way less embarrassing.)

So when Australian hardcore combo the Death Set decided to put together a video for their song “They Come For Us,” they went all in: “They Come For Us” includes just about everything in a jumbled pop-culture junkie’s skull — appropriate, since the song will run over the closing credits to the upcoming found-footage horror anthology film V/H/S, which screens at South By Southwest next week and will be on demand in August.

It begins as a simple homage to a famous scene from Back to the Future, but then quickly ups the ante, trotting out nods to The Simpsons, Batman, Troll 2, and a bevy of other ephemera. Give the clip a spin below, and see how many references you can pick up.

Did you get all that? Even among the minds at EW, there were still some gaps, and we had to watch it a handful of times before we could even grab out that cavalcade in the beginning that includes Marge Simpson and Spider-Man. And we’re not entirely sure whether or not the oil is a nod to The X-Files or some other thing we’re missing.

How many did you spot? Let’s see if we can’t get a complete list in the comments.


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