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Usher premieres new video for 'Climax,' introduces Vevo's next wave

Usher’s new single “Climax”—which, he’d like to remind you, is not about sex at all—is steadily climbing up the Billboard Hot 100 (it jumped up from 81 to 57 this week), and nothing injects a fresh track with a little adrenaline like a new video.

In fact, “Climax” has adrenaline to spare. While Usher is usually content to show off his dance moves and flash his abs, “Climax” is a purely cinematic affair that casts him as a jealous spurned lover.

It has everything a proper action noir needs: Guns! Fast cars! Violent sex! Brooding behind steering wheels! The narrative is a little muddled (is Usher thinking through all the various scenarios that could happen should he act, or does the car chase simply follow him capping that other dude?), but it looks sharp and allows Usher to really live in the pathos of the song’s heartbroken lyrics. If “Climax” is a bellweather, then Usher’s upcoming album should be one of the all-time great divorce records—his Here, My Dear.

Check out the video below, and see if you can follow the Lynchian plot threads.

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“Climax” is the first video to premiere on the new Vevo, which just launched this morning. The new version allows for more deeply integrated social networking, continuous video play, and on-the-go capabilities, though the most exciting development might be the addition of celebrity playlists by the likes of Britney Spears (she’s an ’80s girl who loves Salt-N-Pepa and Corey Hart) and Shakira (who knew she was so into her own videos?).

What do you think of “Climax”? And will you be using the new features on Vevo, like the iTunes syncing and the expanded Facebook integration? Build it up in the comments.

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