Jojo Whilden
Mandi Bierly
March 12, 2012 AT 09:12 PM EDT

Everyone I’ve chatted with today who saw Jennifer Westfeldt’s Friends With Kids over the weekend enjoyed it — and leading man Adam Scott. Where we differ is how we think of Scott’s appeal: As someone who saw him do plenty of sex scenes in the 2007 HBO series Tell Me You Love Me, I have no problem thinking of him as sexy — which is why I love that Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) lusts after his character Ben on Parks and Recreation and the two of them name bedroom moves after politicians. Ben’s a sweet, smart, funny, sexy guy who should be getting some. But friends who haven’t seen Tell Me You Love Me, say they think of Scott more as “adorable” because they only associate him with Parks and Recreation and Party Down. A few gave me a break and said he is “adorable with sexy moments,” having now seen Friends With Kids. What do you think PopWatchers? Let’s take your (racing) pulse in the poll below.

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