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'Fringe' promo: Olivia and Peter ponder love and loss -- VIDEO

Olivia from the other timeline is done playing second fiddle to, well, Olivia (the real one).

In this new promo from the March 23 episode of Fringe, other timeline Olivia begs Walter to repair her memories so she can “go back to who I was.” As you’ll recall, the end of the last new episode showed Peter telling her that he couldn’t continue pretending she was his Olivia. “I know she’s out there – my Olivia. In my timeline. Waiting for me,” he’d said.

Clearly, we’re going to see Peter going to new lengths to return and see the emotional impact his statement had on poor Olivia. Fringe has this remarkable way of always breaking our hearts, so we can’t wait. What are your thoughts on the new trailer, readers?