Clark Collis
March 15, 2012 AT 11:45 PM EDT

Readers of the Walking Dead comic waiting to see the character Michonne make her semi-promised debut on the TV show version have so far been waiting in vain. But fans of the sword-wielding zombie-slayer will soon finally be able to find out how she got to be, well, a sword-wielding zombie-slayer.

It was announced today that Walking Dead comic writer — and TV show exec producer — Robert Kirkman has penned a one-off comic revealing Michonne’s much-discussed-by-Deadheads origins. The tale is illustrated by regular Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard and will appear in the April issue of Playboy, which is out tomorrow. So you should feel free to start making those “I only read Playboy for the zombie comics” jokes right about…now.

The season finale of The Walking Dead will debut on AMC this Sunday. Check back for Darren Franich’s recap and my post-broadcast Q&A with Mr Kirkman.

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