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'GCB' preview video review: Growing an audience, religious or not, via controversy

Gcb Kristin Chenoweth

(Richard Foreman/ABC)

So have you been watching GCB? Do you think it’s improved since its premiere, or settled into a more comfortable groove as a satirical look at the unwarranted piousness of a group of wacky Dallas denizens? Do you think having Newt Gingrich single the show out as an example of the media’s “anti-Christian bias” is valid?

Behold, a few thoughts I propose for discussion on this matter, in this week’s video review:

Me, I think the show continues to showcase its fine cast fairly well, even as the sheer over-the-top quotient is likely to hold me back from becoming a steady viewer. As for GCB being used as the latest example of politicians picking easy pop-culture targets to attack, well, what I said up there stands…
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