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Tanner Stransky
March 19, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Who is “A” on ABC Family’s addictive teen mystery-drama series Pretty Little Liars? Fans are dying to know, and — as we exclusively told you back in December here on — that big secret will be revealed on the show’s much-anticipated second season finale, which airs tonight at 8 p.m.

Obviously, the culprit — who has been cyber-bullying Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson), and Emily (Shay Mitchell) since the puzzling death of their queen-bee friend Allison (Sasha Pieterse) in the show’s 2010 premiere — could be anyone. “When ‘A’ is revealed, if you go back and watch every show,” teases PLL creator and showrunner Marlene King, “it will be completely plausible for the answer to be true.” That’s why we’ve enlisted King and her lieutenant, executive producer Oliver Goldstick — as well as stars Hale and Bellisario, in a cute video below — to offer some intel about seven of the most speculated-about suspects, which we’re sharing with you now here:


“She really is ‘A’ in the books, so that makes her an instant suspect,” says King. “That’s how I would put that.” Adds Goldstick: “She’s got her reasons, too, particularly with Allison.”


Goldstick says: “Jena’s ripe. She’s ripe for the picking. She’s got an axe to grind.” King adds: “Jenna is a suspect because the girls are complicit in the loss of her eyesight, and so she has strong motive.”


“He was new to these girls in a very timely way,” King says. “‘A’ did not enter their lives until Aria met Ezra.”


“That girl, there’s not an honest pore in her body,” Goldstick says. “She can pull a punch because she’s always got something. She’s clever. She’s one step ahead of her victim. That’s what’s fun about Melissa. But she might be too obvious. Don’t go to the obvious.” Adds King: “She’s a Pretty Little Liar herself,” King says. “She’s been caught in many lies. We can’t trust her at all, and she’s carrying Ian’s baby, which makes her a suspect.”


“It was a fan who termed the phrase ‘whack-a-Noel’ because he pops up in the most unusual and interesting places,” teases King cryptically. “Just being ‘whack-a-Noel’ makes him a suspect.”


“They’re hiding something,” King says. “They have something to hide. They’re always hanging out in the dark — it’s like they’re always conspiring. They’re around, but they’re never around.” Adds Goldstick: “That family is a den of vipers. There are just so many secrets. They’re trying to hide and conceal their bad behavior.”


“Jason is really dark,” Goldstick says. “His background is mysterious and his backstory with his sister is incredibly volatile. If these girls are onto him in any way — and they do have some insight — then he has every reason to keep these girls running scared. He might just get a kick out of it. And he’s half a Hasting. That already makes him half a evil. He’s half a crazy.”

Now watch EW’s Sandra Gonzalez chat with Hale and Bellisario, as they discuss which suspects they’ve most got their eye on:

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