Michelle Profis
March 20, 2012 AT 07:48 PM EDT

Ah, the crisp, warm air breezing past my face, the infused fragrance of azaleas and begonias… this can only mean one thing, PopWatchers: Today marks the first day of spring!

Just like with any occasion, we here at EW always find ways to give just about everything pop culture pomp.  As you crack those windows wide, check out our list of some ways pop culture has weaseled itself into our favorite temperate season.

For starters, the Nurse Jackie crew has decided to embrace the spring equinox in full force in their “Spring Cleaning” themed promo, in which our titular heroine heads to rehab in the April 8 premiere:

Kind of makes you giddy with medicated joy, doesn’t it?

Heading over to Google, the creative team has doled out one of my favorite Google doodles ever from Finnish design company Marimekko. The image is at the top of this post, but check out one user’s video interpretation below:

With the arrival of the vernal equinox, it would be imprudent of me to forget that along with the influx of blooming flora, many an allergy will flare up. Fear not, however, since talk show host Ellen DeGeneres tweeted a solution earlier this morning: “It’s spring! The jasmine is in bloom, the cherry blossoms are falling and the scent of gardenia is in the air! Does anyone have an Allegra?”

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