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Mandi Bierly
March 22, 2012 AT 10:04 PM EDT

If you missed the premiere of NBC’s new comedy Bent last night — and judging by the ratings, many of you did — you can read Ken Tucker’s review here. What I want to discuss is whether the show lost whatever cool points it got for making “Riggins” the last name of contractor Pete (David Walton) by choosing “Screwsie” as the name for the wild younger sister (Margo Harshman) of his new client Alex (Amanda Peet).

Riggins was the last name of Taylor Kitsch’s character on Friday Night Lights, and since Bent cast FNL‘s Jesse Plemons (i.e. Landry) as one of Pete’s crew, it’s safe to assume the shoutout was intentional. Riggins fits Pete. He’s a laid-back bad boy who could have any woman he wants for a night except good girl Alex, a newly single mom with a new rich doctor boyfriend. She’d need Pete to be a better, more responsible man before she’d sleep with him. I assume Screwsie is a clever nickname for a promiscuous screwup actually named Susie, and the fact that Alex loves her sister is supposed to give us hope that she could love Pete. But Screwsie? Really? Or am I the only one it annoyed?

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