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March 23, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Hey y’all. It’s a busy day here in the Spoiler Room, so I’ll take just a beat to say thanks for your questions this week. I hope you enjoy everything (and be sure to check out the special treat for 90210 fans on page 2).

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(We’ll take a deep dive into two reader questions this week)


Q: On a scale of Mary Poppins to Saw: Just how nail-biting scary/shocking is the season 7 finale of Bones for Booth and Brennan? Is there any happiness in the episode for them? Thank you. — Pam.

Pam, knowing that the season finale will feature the return of creepy hacktivist/serial killer Christopher Pellant (Andrew Leeds), your nerves are understandable — especially if you caught Hart Hanson’s cryptic tweet earlier this week: “Our first conversation about the final image of Bones season 7 morphed into a spirited debate. It ain’t gonna go easy…”

I happened to have Hanson and fellow exec producer Stephen Nathan on the phone that day chatting about the show’s April 2 return, so I asked them to elaborate: “We’re all happy with the story, and we’re all happy with the cliffhanger we have,” Hanson says of the finale episode (now titled “The Past in the Present”). “What we’re actually debating is literally the last image that we leave our audience with. We have options as to how it motors us into season 8. There’s a see-saw between hope and confidence and vulnerability and fear that we have to walk. We’re searching for that last poetic image, and that’s what we will argue about up until the day we shoot it — and I’ll bet ya we still argue about it as we’re putting music on the final shot in the editing room.”

Hanson admitted to being incredibly vague, which is how Nathan intends to keep it. “This is an end to this season that we will be more than vague about — more vague than we usually are — because we really don’t want to tell anybody anything,” Nathan says with a laugh. Could we be losing a character we know and love? “We couldn’t possibly tell you if someone you know and love were [going] to die in a horrible way,” Hanson says. “And we are also not going to say Anthony Perkins does it in Psycho,” Nathan jokes.

The quieter they keep, of course, the more fans will speculate. One theory being batted around The Spoiler Room: What if the cliffhanger is a marriage proposal? Booth (David Boreanaz) told Brennan (Emily Deschanel) in the season premiere that she would have to be the one to ask him, and Brennan has been known to take big steps in the wake of a tragedy — she and Booth finally slept together after squintern Vincent Nigel-Murray was killed last season. Perhaps Pellant’s return will be traumatizing enough to get her to pop the question, and the argument is whether the final shot should be one that leaves us elated that Brennan has had this emotional breakthrough or frightened of the dire circumstances bringing it about? Or, maybe the “past in the present” is Booth once again proposing to a woman who’s not the marrying kind, and the cliffhanger is whether Brennan has changed her position on marriage? Theorize below! — Mandi Bierly


Will anything “interesting” happen between Tony and Ziva when they go to South America?

First, your strategic use of quotes amused me. Second, while I can only preview the conversation I had with Cote de Pablo about this episode (full convo will go up here on the Inside TV blog the day the episode airs, April 10) I can say that I made it a point to bring up one of the last trips Tony and Ziva took together: Paris, which found the pair giving conflicting reports about the nature of their interactions. In other words: We still have NO idea what, if anything, happened. And that was exactly their intention, she says. “The France trip was really great, lots of fun. But Michael [Weatherly] and I had our own agenda. The way we played scenes was that something had definitely happened down there — even though it was never addressed,” she recalls.

As it sounds like you know, this time around, the pair takes a trip to Colombia to work a case alongside a good friend of Ziva’s, played by The L Word‘s Karina Lombard. And from what de Pablo tells me, it seems as though like her longtime friend attempts to do a bit of  eye-opening during the course of the episode to help Ziva realize that life is a series of important choices. “In this particular episode, I can’t say that much happens, but at the end, there’s a moment where you may take a closer look at the way DiNozzo may feel for Ziva,” she teases.

With three episodes left for her to film this season, de Pablo says she’s not entirely sure how the events from this episode will influence the end of the current season. “That’s a really good question and I talked about it with Gary and the writers. I think they have a little bit of information they’re not giving to me,” she says. “We’ll have to wait and see.”

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