Lynette Rice
March 23, 2012 AT 04:00 AM EDT

1. The big-league pitcher Kenny would most identify with:
Mariano Rivera
Trevor Hoffman
Lee Smith
None of the above
He would actually identify with mythological figures like Zeus or God. He sees himself as higher than other men.

2. How fast my fastball is in real life:
Sadly, there is no fastball. If I loosen up in practice, I can make it look passable. But I am very lazy. In other words, I throw like a girl. But that’s not bad — I’ve seen some girls throw pretty great.

3. My favorite mullet:
I’m a big a fan of Mel Gibson’s in Lethal Weapon. But I don’t like women who wear mullets, especially ones that are permed at the top and straight in the back. I’ve seen that in Virginia. It’s a little disturbing.

4. My favorite baseball movie:
The Bad News Bears. The original one.

5. A Kenny Powers line that I’ve actually used:
It’s more the way he swears, like f that b. That’s good because everyone knows what you mean.

6. Nude scenes: Yes or no?
I was nude in the pilot. It was so strange standing there waiting with a sock over my penis. I will never do it again.

7. The most underrated thing about wearing cornrows:
It’s like a mini face-lift. It made my face look a little thinner.

8. Secret phobia:
I am fearless.

9. The thing I regret most from my childhood:
I played by the rules too much. Maybe I should have partied a bit more, got thrown into jail at least once. I’m too old to do that now.

10. How HBO can persuade me to do a fourth season of Eastbound & Down:
HBO definitely wants us, and [co-creator] Jody Hill [right] and I love writing for the show. But there is other stuff we’d like to do. Both of us are ready to make jokes concerning people who don’t have strange haircuts.

11. Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich:
Yikes. Can’t I choose from Zeus or God?

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