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March 23, 2012 AT 05:45 PM EDT

Image Credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty ImagesThe list of men Diane Keaton has kissed on screen reads like an Academy Awards publicist’s clipboard — on a good year. Still, the actress has her eye on one young whippersnapper who has thus far eluded her lips: Ryan Gosling.

In an interview on Canada’s The Marilyn Denis Show, Keaton joked, “Here’s the deal with me: I’ve kissed a lot of men on film,” then rattled off a crazy-impressive slew of names. “I really feel I deserve an award.” And that award, apparently, is the pleasure of Gosling’s company. What, Diane, an Oscar isn’t enough? Now you want the almost-Sexiest Man Alive, too? Don’t be greedy, girl. Okay, be greedy. We understand. Also? Get in line.

Below, see the men for whom Ms. Keaton’s puckered up, plus a few more good men with whom she has yet to lock lips.

Keaton’s Kissees

Richard Gere

Sam Shepard (“The most beautiful man in the world.”)

Warren Beatty

Mel Gibson

Jack Nicholson

Liam Neeson

Tom Cruise (“He was a baby!”)

Al Pacino

Kevin Kline

Robert De Niro (“He was good.”)

Ed Harris

Woody Allen

Keanu Reeves

Harrison Ford

Walter Matthau

Never Been Kissed by Keaton

Robert Redford

Clint Eastwood

Morgan Freeman

Dustin Hoffman

The Gos

Okay, PopWatchers, you’ve called for Gosling to play Walt Disney, why not rally for a little onscreen make-out with Annie Hall herself? Start your petitions now!

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