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'The Killing' wants you back

The captivating mystery series ignited a firestorm with a finale that raised more questions than it answered. Can the new season bring frustrated fans back into the fold?

Det. Sarah Linden is about to get a clue. A clue that could finally finger the fiend responsible for wrecking and ending the life of a beautiful, artsy, secret-keeping Seattle teen. A clue that could bring closure to television’s most compelling and controversial murder mystery. But first: Breakfast burrito, anyone?

We are on the Vancouver set of AMC’s The Killing, where the murder of Rosie Larsen remains unsolved and the mysteries are still multiplying. Linden (Mireille Enos) and her surly son, Jack (Liam James), have spent the night in the cluttered apartment of her (dirty cop?) partner, Det. Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman), who is whipping up some morning eats as Linden emerges from his bedroom looking rested after an evening spent in his bed. (”I told you Posturepedic is the shiznit,” Holder says.) The camaraderie turns chilly when Linden leafs through a book and sees the clue that stops her cold — a picture of great significance in her obsessive quest to catch Rosie Larsen’s killer. After taking a phone call that causes Holder to shoot her a couple of nervous glances, Linden announces to Jack that they’re leaving ASAP — and Holder informs her she’s welcome to spend the night anytime she wants.

Explanations? Alas, the stars refuse to squeal, though Enos is willing to make this clarification: Linden and Holder are most definitely not romantically involved. ”I can’t imagine these two human beings in a relationship,” laughs the actress, flashing a bright smile rarely seen on Linden’s face. Still, Enos admits she herself was curious enough to ask showrunner Veena Sud if Linden (a single mom with a haunted past) and Holder (a former junkie) might one day become more than just partners with a spark. ”She just smiled and said, ‘I don’t know.”’