Darren Franich
March 23, 2012 AT 02:00 PM EDT

Ever since The Sopranos ended its second season with the brutal shooting death of a main character, most modern TV dramas have made a cruel game out of jauntily killing off their characters. Mad Men is the rare drama where nobody ever dies (except from old age, plane crashes, or being kicked in the head by a horse). But that doesn’t mean the supporting cast is safe. In fact, over the course of Mad Men‘s first four seasons, characters who seemed central to the storyline were often heartlessly cast aside. In season 4, a couple of those characters reappeared. The alcoholic Freddie Rumsen copywriter returned clean and sober; Don’s season-1 beatnik-crush Midge returned with a nasty heroin addiction.

With three seasons left for Mad Men, it seems likely that we’ll get return visits from other beloved former leads. But who would you like to see return in the fifth season? The popular choice is probably Salvatore “Sal” Romano, the closeted Sterling Cooper employee who Don unceremoniously fired in season 3. Personally, though, I’d vote for another all-night writing session with Paul Kinsey, the living incarnation of a sad trombone sound. Since Midge returned, it would be fun to see Don’s other season-long dalliances make a comeback — Rachel from season 1, Bobbie from season 2, or even Mrs. Farrell from season 3. Conrad Hilton won’t die until 1969. And what about good old John “Moneypenny” Hooker, Lane’s boy Friday from season 3? (Remember him? He was British!)

Vote in the poll below to let us know which former Mad Men character you’d like to see return in the new season. Come on, vote Kinsey! He looks just like Orson Welles!

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