Marc Snetiker
March 28, 2012 AT 01:49 PM EDT

Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming comedy The Dictator has kept the details of its plot relatively obscure until now, as the just-released second trailer duly shines light on what appears to be yet another fish out of water story by the writer and star of Bruno and Borat.

The Dictator stars the notorious prankster as General Aladeen, a maligned foreign despot who is kidnapped, shaved and abandoned in New York City during a visit to the United States. Beardless and unrecognizable, he wanders the streets until he is rescued and given a job at a green supermarket by a pixie-haired, eco-friendly Anna Faris. Watch the trailer below:

The film looks to be mostly scripted, although it appears as if some moments (namely the General’s hopeless wanderer phase) might have a touch of Cohen’s signature candid-camera madness. The Dictator most likely won’t do much for an intellectual discourse on foreign affairs anytime soon — but was anybody really expecting it to?

Will I be excoriated if I say that this looks thoroughly hilarious? Or will my tastes forever be jeopardized because I expressed interest in a movie that features Cohen kicking an overweight child into a stack of boxes or being taken down by a high-pressure police hose? What do you think of the trailer, readers?

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