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'Safety Not Guaranteed' trailer: Aubrey Plaza has feelings!

Comedy lovers know Aubrey Plaza as April Ludgate, the Pawnee Parks Department’s eye-roller-in-chief. But in the Sundance darling Safety Not Guaranteed, Plaza gets a chance to exercise her acting muscles by playing a character who feels things. You know, in between deadpan stares and bouts of sarcasm.

Plaza stars as a magazine intern investigating the man behind a strange classified ad. (“Wanted: Someone to go back in time with me. This is not a joke.”) Though she initially approaches her subject (Mark Duplass) with skepticism, Plaza’s character finds herself drawn to him – and, what’s more, she starts to believe that his insane claims might be true.

The movie also features Kristen Bell, Jeff Garlin, and New Girl’s Jake Johnson as Plaza’s coworker. Check out the trailer below.

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