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March 30, 2012 AT 04:40 PM EDT

This has been such a busy week in TV Land that I’ve completely neglected my backlog of Draw Something games. In case you didn’t know how much I care, now you do. (And if you didn’t know how much I rarely interact with real people, you now also know that, too.)

So without further ado, here are the offerings this week: Gossip Girl finale teases, dish on one of Morgan’s best episodes yet on Criminal Minds, some goodies for Grimm fans, and much, much more.

If your question didn’t sneak in this week, please keep sending them along. ( I’ll try to fit you in next week. Also, continue sending me your random theories and ponderings. They’re highly entertaining (even if I can’t include them all here). Until next time!

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I LOVE Gossip Girl fans. Not only because they are a passionate bunch (I like your pluck!), but they are among the most active question askers here at Spoiler Room. So as a thanks: Here are three of your questions answered straight from executive producer Josh Safran.

Do you have any scoop for Chuck and Blair for Gossip Girl #spoileroom — @Smallville944

Yes. But the Chuck/Blair/Dan-centric portion of my convo with Safran was so good, I’ll share it with you in a separate story FIRST thing Monday. Cool? And no, this answer doesn’t count against the three fan questions. It’s more of an FYI. :)

I am dyyyyiing to know about Jack Bass and his return to GG. What is going on with him and Chuck? And Elizabeth Hurley? More info, pretty please! — Love, Emily

May I say, Emily, you sound mildly excited about Desmond Harrington’s return. But I can’t blame you! I think you’re going to love seeing the fun to be had when Uncle Bass comes back into Chuck’s life — that is, before things take a dramatic “turn.” “He and Chuck are on good terms,” Safran says. “It’s really fun between them — seeing them as uncle and nephew in a really light way. But then the story takes a turn and something is revealed. And Jack’s role in them will be challenged by Chuck.” [See below for a little scoop on your girl Liz.]

I’d love to hear about Chuck, Serena or Nate’s story. Or whether Chair fans have anything to look forward to #GossipGirl — @Jaime20lee

Let’s go with Nate — and with good reason. He has some juicy stuff coming up that stems from the return of the aforementioned leggy beauty Liz Hurley, and it’s going to put some strain on his new relationship with Lola. (One of many strains, I hear.) But Nate’s major moment of the season comes closer to the end, after the full core team reunites for their seasonal take-down. “Every season we have our core group come together to vanquish an enemy,” says Safran. “This season — just upping it a little bit — our core group comes together for more than one episode to vanquish an enemy. Maybe even more than one! And that story involves Nate in a major way.”

Anything good for Chuck and Blair? Or Serena and Blair? S/B have been abandoned this season. — @BlairsMinion

If it’s a S/B story you’re craving my sweet ‘Minion, hold on to your headband because that’s pretty much the essence of the “really special” season finale, according to Safran. “The landscape of Gossip Girl will be forever changed from this point forward for everybody,” he says. “[It’s] almost entirely about Serena and Blair and their friendship and what that will be exactly.”


With increasing frequency, I’m hitting Twitter just before some juicy interviews to solicit questions. So if you’re not following, I suggest you do! This week, I picked a few great Twit-queeries to pose to Criminal Minds EP Erica Messer.

Will they bring a new profiler next season? — @BrigitteCMFan

Great question! And the answer is: not right away. At least, that’s what Messer anticipates. “That’s going to be a conversation with so many people at some point. There’s no replacing her as far as I’m concerned. She just brought so much to this team. But are they going to want another female face at the table? Sure. Are we going to want that as storytellers? I’m sure we will,” she says. But “I’m not in any hurry to replace her.” That said, CM fans, if they were bringing on a new profiler, is there an available actress you’d like to see join the gang? (Yes, we’re playing casting couch!)

Can we hope for a meaningful conversation between Morgan & Hotch regarding the lies? — @zackgibra

I’m so glad you asked because that’s exactly what happens in the April 11 episode, which Messer calls the second part to an episode we saw last year called “Big Sea.” As you’ll recall, in the episode, Morgan sought to give his aunt closure after she believed her missing daughter was among the victims in a murder investigation. In this episode, that gets turned on it’s head. “[We] had this idea for a story about what if the cousin Morgan had said died was alive and they had to find her,” says Messer. “And I thought it was brilliant because then he lied about someone being dead, which is exactly what he’s been angry with Hotch and everybody about all season.” The result of this common ground Morgan suddenly find himself having with Hotch? Closure, via some “beautifully written” and “understated” scenes, she says.

What’s on the horizon for Morgan & Prentiss? Especially with Emily leaving… how will they handle it :-( — @Diane_emily

Peacefully. You see, rather than, say, killing Emily again, Messer said she wanted to approach the departure genuinely. “What Paget and I both talked about was that we would love for her to exit the show in a way that felt it was believable. She can still have breakfast with them when she’s in town, you know?” says Messer. “It’s not leaving things on any weird terms, with anyone upset with anyone. It’s what happens in real life.” That said, I still think there will be tears… and they will most likely be mine.

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