Dan Snierson
March 30, 2012 AT 04:00 AM EDT

If you build anticipation, they will come. After a 17-month hiatus, AMC’s acclaimed retro drama Mad Men returned on March 25, scoring its highest numbers ever: 3.5 million viewers watched the season 5 premiere, a 21 percent jump from the season 4 debut. While the two-hour opener answered a bundle of questions (SPOILER ALERT: It’s 1966! Don did marry his secretary Megan! They’re having angry sex!), don’t assume you’ve started to figure out the arc for Jon Hamm‘s inscrutable ad exec. ”You think you know what Don’s story is because you’re basing it on his past,” creator Matthew Weiner tells EW. ”But as the season goes on, you will see that he has a whole new problem.”

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