Hillary Busis
April 02, 2012 AT 06:03 PM EDT

We’ve still got a bit of a wait before Arrested Development‘s back-from-the-dead fourth season premieres on Netflix. But in the meantime, HBO is making it a lot easier for you to get your Buster Bluth fix — via Veep, a new comedy that stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as dysfunctional vice president Selena Meyer, Anna Chlumsky (Vada!) as her chief of staff, and Tony Hale as her assistant and “Body Man.” Sounds like a position for a guy with two hands.

In this latest Veep trailer, we get a closer look at VP Meyer’s loony office. At just 46 seconds long, it manages to pack in several chuckle-worthy moments — especially the part when Buster Hale unnecessarily explains what NASA stands for. Between this series, Game of Thrones, Girls, and The Newsroom, it looks like HBO is in for an unusually great spring; let’s hope the new shows will live up to our admittedly high expectations. Check out the Veep trailer below.

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