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Sandra Gonzalez
April 03, 2012 AT 04:15 AM EDT

If you had asked me seven years ago whether Bones and Booth would ever have a baby, I would have laughed in your face at the mere suggestion. “That just wouldn’t work,” I would have said. Plus, Bones…a mother?! BUAHA!

And yet, here we are. In the past year, our beloved couple has taken more unexpected roads than a teen driver without GPS, and the most unforeseen path of them all culminated tonight with the birth of their baby girl, Christine Angela.

Now, while I expect some form of nit-picking to take place after this episode, the show’s first after a long hiatus, I’ll just say this: I personally couldn’t think of a better way for Christine, the product of a genius and a hero, to come into this world. It was exciting, tender, and, above all, one heck of a story for her to tell one day. (Not a minute old, and she’s already having adventures!) And I’m saying that as someone who’d built up the moment in my head since the end of last season, when Booth’s “I’m going to be a dad again” smile lit up my soul.

While investigating a murder, Bones and Booth found themselves inside a prison and among hardened criminals. Perfect time for your water to break, wouldn’t you say? No, not really. But there, in the middle of a prison riot with a murderer sprawled on the ground, that’s when Bones decided to declare, “I’m in labor!” With no time to spare, no available rooms at the closest inn, and no chance of stopping the baby, Booth and Bones had to settle for…a barn.

And that’s where it all went down. The deep discussion about the “mystery” of life between guttural screams, the slow-motion effort to bring the baby into this world, and the first look at the family that seven years ago I’d never thought we’d see.

So was it everything you thought it’d be, readers? Was the birth worth the build up? And did you cry? (This is a safe place — no shame if you did.) Sound off below!


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