Darren Franich
April 04, 2012 AT 03:34 PM EDT

The press on The Avengers has been focusing mostly on the film’s central “Clash of the Spin-Off Titans” premise: The presence of power trio Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, with the Hulk as a background vocalist/bouncer. But when I was growing up, the fun thing about the Avengers comics was the preponderance of lesser-known utility players and specialists who supported the A-team. A new clip from the movie spotlights one of those specialists: Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, shown here pulling a Statham-Brand Chair Backflip on some Russian dudes. Watch:

For those who didn’t spend their childhood collecting Avengers spin-offs, the phrase Agent Coulson says to her is: “Barton’s been compromised.” That’s a reference to Hawkeye, a.k.a. Clint Barton, a.k.a. Jeremy Renner. But compromised by who? Loki? Skrulls? Atlanteans? Russians? Green Arrow? So many questions, not enough answers!

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