Jeff Labrecque
April 05, 2012 AT 09:09 PM EDT

Last year, Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski acted out baseball’s most passionate feud — Yankees vs. Red Sox — in a series of New Era cap commercials. An apartment building was set ablaze, animals were abused, and pants were soiled. More important to this impartial observer, neither rival went on to win the World Series. (So begins the New Era jinx!)

This year, Major League Baseball’s official hatmaker is staying within the NBC family, but shifting the bloodsport west, to the City of Big Shoulders. In the first of what we can only hope are a series of ads, Park & Recreation‘s Nick Offerman (Cubs) and The Office‘s Craig Robinson (White Sox) exchange digs at the Chi-town corner pub, the Dividing Line. It seemed like a fair fight, but then Robinson had to go all Chicago Way on the Cubbies, crossing a line that just shouldn’t be crossed. Take a look.

Boston versus New York was a spirited clash of conflicting provincial sensibilities, but this crosstown grudge match has the comic potential of a true civil war. Brother against brother, mustache against goatee. Robinson got in the last word this time, due to his pizza potshot, but I have to side with Offerman, if only for his Nick Swanson delivery of the line: “Cubs are the strong foundation from which grows a mighty beast.”

Happy opening day, baseball fans.

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