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April 06, 2012 AT 04:13 PM EDT

I had a revelation recently when chatting with my colleague Mandi Bierly about her sharing a dish of lobster mac and cheese with Pauly Shore during a recent interview. (You could ask her for details on that story, but that’s really all there is to it.): My life is weird.

In the past week, I’ve party-stalked Charlie Sheen (with no luck getting two minutes alone for an interview), talked about Titanic with Ringer‘s Ioan Gruffudd (he’s in it!), watched Megan Mullally steal from my colleagues, and hung out with the cast of the fantastic new drama Scandal. Yes, life is strange. But also wonderful. I guess this is my long-winded way of saying thanks for being part of my wonderful, strange life, Roomies.

And let me return the favor by seeking out some scoop for you. E-mail all requests to or ask me on Twitter. See you next week!

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This season of Castle did anything but start off on a light note, and the episodes that have followed pretty much matched in tone. Secrets lingered like unaddressed pink elephants, feelings were unresolved, and each character wrestled with inner turmoil of various kinds. As for next season? Creator Andrew Marlowe says fans can expect much of the air to be cleared.

“I think it’s going to be interesting to see the Beckett/Castle relationship next season when we have a lot of the cards on the table, and when they’ve had fundamental confrontations and each of them knows how the other one feels. I think that’s something that gives us a lot of really intense, fun storytelling,” he says. Emphasis on fun, in fact. Because Marlowe recognizes that this seasons has seen a little less of that than previous seasons. Appropriate as it was for the story arc (and, yes, it was) he’s hoping to ramp it back up next season. “Our goal has always been to be true to these characters as we arc them through this strange, wonderful, interesting, intense relationship that they’ve been going through from the moment they met,” he says. “We didn’t have a chance to mine it as much as we wanted to because of where the characters were emotionally. We’re hoping to return to it a little.”

That’s not to say we won’t see fun in the rest of this season. As I mentioned earlier this week, zombies are invading! But my big question after he dropped the zombie bomb, will we get to see any of our faves in zombie garb? “I think we might,” he says.

Can’t. Wait.


I can’t be alone in loving the chance viewers have had to see Miranda Bailey in a good place this season on Grey’s. She’s kicking butt in the operating room, spreading her relationship wisdom to the many embattled couples with whom she keeps company, and most importantly, she’s involved in a pretty hot relationship herself. In fact, I’m definitively not alone in loving all of this: Chandra Wilson feels the same way.

“She gets to be a little light. Everything was heavy [for a while], but you can either give in to tragedy or look for a way to have fun,” Wilson told EW during a recent set visit. “Ben pushes her buttons and allows her to take steps to get back into the swing of life and being an adult — not just a mom.” But with so much Owen and Cristina drama going down (Cereal, meet face!), are Bailey and Ben (B2?) a pair we can count on? It sure sounds like it.

“We’re [getting close to] the season finale, and you know how we do our season finales around here. So it’ll be interesting to see what Bailey’s journey is going to be. There’s always some surprise around the season finale. But right now, she’s in a stride,” says Wilson. “Right now she’s in a good place.” Ben returns in next week’s episode, which is also when fans can expect to see more from the gang as they prepare for the boards, which Wilson says will prove to be an emotional process. “It’s like raising your ducklings. You want them to not only pass their test but pass it with flying colors so you know that you have done your best as far as being their teacher. She is definitely in teacher mode,” she says.

More from our Grey’s set visit next week, including video from the set!


If like me you hold a geeky love for Dr. Max Bergman on Hawaii Five-0, you’ll definitely want to check out Monday’s episode, which promises to provide new perspective on the medical examiner. Tthe team finds themselves tracking a killer whose methods match up to those of an incarcerated serial killer called Trash Man. But with so many similarities in style, they find themselves beginning to wonder if the alleged Trash Man in jail is indeed the correct one. Further complicating matters? The killer’s history with Max (Masi Oka). “It’s sort of an interesting twist,” says Oka.

For Oka, one of the biggest surprises was the fact that Max’s history was going to be explored at all. “I didn’t anticipate it. I know we discussed it because it’s hard to ignore the fact that his last name is Bergman, and I don’t really look like a Bergman,” he says. “I love that they did that because you knew they planned to justify it later on. In this day and age, when you see an Asian character, you give him an Asian last name. So big props to [executive producer Peter Lenkov]. It was great to see that in an episode and be able to go through that journey.”

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