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Hillary Busis
April 07, 2012 AT 04:30 PM EDT

Get ready for cleavage, mangled English, and a whole lot of yelling: Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is hosting SNL for the first time.

Though the promos released earlier this week don’t look particularly promising, I’m hoping that we’ll see Vergara show a bit of versatility on tonight’s show. After all, the woman is a two-time Emmy nominee — and she has crack comic timing in two languages, which is no easy feat. (Lindsay Lohan couldn’t manage to sink a punchline while speaking English exclusively.) If SNL‘s writers let her flex her comedic muscles and don’t strictly stick to jokes about accents and hotness, Vergara could really shine. Maybe in one sketch, she could even play a character who isn’t specifically South American! Can you imagine?

Of course, Vergara’s performance isn’t the only thing to watch out for tonight. This is the show’s first episode back after a month-long hiatus, meaning that the cast and creatives have had time to relax, rejuvenate, and think up sketch ideas that don’t involve Kristen Wiig talking like a Howard Hawks character. We’re also going to be treated to performances by tween dreams One Direction, a group that hearkens back to the good old days of nontheatening, manufactured boy bands.

And finally, tonight marks the first appearance of possible new featured player Kate McKinnon. In a cast that’s stuffed with talented women, it may be tough for McKinnon to make an impression — but it’ll be interesting to see whether she manages to stand out.

What are you most hoping to see during tonight’s Saturday Night Live, PopWatchers? Should Sofia Vergara stick with variations on her batty Modern Family character Gloria, or do you pray that we’ll see what else the actress can do? Are you pumped to hear One Direction reveal what makes you beautiful? (Hint: It has to do with whether you know you’re beautiful.) And do you think McKinnon should or will be placed in the spotlight?

Share your thoughts on the episode here, then check back on Sunday for a full recap.

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