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'Smash' exclusive: Uma Thurman hits the stage as Marilyn -- VIDEO

Uma Thurman Sings

We got a mere glimpse of Uma Thurman as Rebecca Duvall in this week’s Smash, but next week she takes the stage as the latest bombshell to channel Marilyn Monroe in, uh, Bombshell (side note: I still can’t believe that’s really going to be the title). Check out a preview clip below of ‘Dig Deep’ with Thurman singing — in her first musical role since her turn as Ulla in the 2005 film remake of The Producers.

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Can Uma’s take on Marilyn help save Smash and reinvigorate the show? Were you upset about not seeing enough of her on this week’s episode? Can she belt it out as Rebecca better than Ivy (Megan Hilty) or Karen (Katherine McPhee)? Tell us your thoughts on Smash and Uma below!

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