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PopWatcher Planner: 'Revenge' returns, Zac Efron will have you unhooked, and adorable 'Wild' animals

Born To Be Wild

(Drew Fellman)

National Smile Month will come to a close faster than you can imagine, and we PopWatcher Planners are determined to make sure you get your fair share of toothy grins during the latter half of April. From good reads to devilish deeds, we’ve got a week’s worth of ear-to-ear good times, including a season finale, a primetime sudser’s return, some playful baby elephants on DVD, National Record Store Day, and political yuks. Enjoy!

SUNDAY, April 15
The 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic
Admittedly, this doesn’t sound like a cause to grin, but that’s before you remember Gloria Stuart’s carefree “Oop!” as she tosses The Heart of the Ocean to its watery resting place at the end of James Cameron’s 1997 Oscar winner (for which Stuart earned an Academy nod). If you haven’t seen the 3-D re-release, what are you waiting for? As Rose DeWitt Bukater can attest, you’re not getting any younger.

MONDAY, April 16
National Librarian Day
Honor your favorite librarian, and pick up a good book. We suggest Ron Rash’s The Cove, set in rural North Carolina during World War I. For his work leading up to this “elegant… riveting mystery,” Rash has earned not only comparisons to John Steinbeck and Cormac McCarthy but also kudos from fellow backwoods noir master Daniel Woodrell, who wrote Winter’s Bone.

TUESDAY, April 17
Ringer season finale, The CW 9 p.m.
After a twisty, twinanigan-filled first season, will good twin Bridget finally reveal her identity to Andrew, the man she loves (not to mention her evil twin sister’s husband)? Will Agent Machado’s quest for justice fall apart as he’s taken off the case? Are you still as confused as ever? Tim Stack’s recaps can help that!

Revenge, ABC 10 p.m.
After a six-week hiatus, the addictive Hamptons melodrama returns to kick-start the tail end of its first season. You know what that means? The Croc is back, too! Bring it VanCamp. Bring it. If you missed last week’s catch-up episode, Christian Blauvelt knows what’s up.

THURSDAY, April 19
Born To Be Wild on DVD
If you can’t can’t smile at baby elephants and orangutans, you should just stop reading now. Released earlier this week, the “touching” doc shows orphaned animals re-entering their natural habitats. Did I mention there are elephants playing soccer?

FRIDAY, April 20
The Lucky One and Think Like a Man open in theaters
Zac Efron’s first-time jaunt into Nicholas Sparks-ian rowboats-and-romance territory earns its inclusion mostly because have you seen what the kid can do with a bra?! Meanwhile, Steve Harvey’s book Think Like a Man is used as a Weapon of Man Destruction in the ensemble flick of the same name. If vets of Entourage, 227, Weeds, The 40-Year-old Virgin, and 30 Rock have anything to do with it, Man should have at least five more laughs than Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve combined.

SATURDAY, April 21
The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends hits stores
Wayne Coyne and his merry band of psychadelic Oklahomans celebrate National Record Store Day 2012 by dropping their 14th studio album. Bon Iver, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and Ke$ha get in on the “mad genius.”

SUNDAY, April 22
Earth Day, Veep series debut, HBO 10 p.m.
After spending the day outside appreciating our planet, you’re going to want to head inside for what’s sure to be nother bloody-good episode of Game of Thrones. Stick around and mix it up with some levity as Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale, and Anna Chlumsky lead a cast in the F-bomb-laden satire about a U.S. Vice President (Dreyfus) and her inept staffers. As the 2012 election heats up, sometimes it’s good to laugh at politics… on purpose. Buster Bluth and Elaine Benes, we want you!